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Camping Südeifel

A peaceful campsite by the Prüm River!

Camping by the river, within walking distance of the picturesque town of Irrel and surrounded by a beautiful natural area. Irrel is even an officially recognized air spa. So, it’s guaranteed to be a pleasant camping experience at this relaxed campsite in Germany, near the border with Luxembourg.


  • Located directly on the Prüm River
  • Within walking distance of the center of Irrel
  • Playground and playing field
  • Neat and clean sanitary facilities
  • Pizzeria on the campsite
  • Wifi available on the terrace of the reception
  • Supermarket in Irrel at 650 meters

Nature takes center stage at the campsite. You won’t find a swimming pool, but you’ll have a beautiful river instead. From our tents, you can easily jump into the water. No water slide can compare to that. The beautiful natural surroundings extend far beyond the campsite.

More about environment and facilities

In the vicinity of Camping Südeifel, there is truly a lot to do.

The Irreler Wasserfalle

When you think of waterfalls, you might imagine water cascading down from great heights. The Irreler Wasserfalle (between the towns of Irrel and Prümzurlay) more resemble large rapids. From a wooden bridge, you can directly observe the water. It’s no wonder that whitewater canoeing is popular here, as the routes are challenging. It’s also enjoyable to watch even if you’re not paddling yourself.

Naturpark Südeifel

The Irreler Wasserfalle is located in Naturpark Südeifel. The park offers various hiking trails, with difficulty levels ranging. No matter which route you choose, we guarantee it will be great.

In the same park, there are cycling routes with varying levels of difficulty.

More nature: Teufelsschlucht

Don’t miss this! Here, you’ll find canyons, rock formations, and breathtaking natural beauty. Various walks of different difficulty levels are marked out. Truly worth the visit.

The Westwall Museum in Irrel

If you’re interested in wartime history, visit the Westwall Museum. The museum is housed in a large bunker, Panzerwerk Katzenkopf, which was part of the Westwall, stretching a total of 650 km.

Combine history and shopping? Visit Trier

You won’t easily find a city older than Trier in Germany. That doesn’t mean the city is outdated; quite the opposite. You can do some excellent shopping there.

At the campsite, they will gladly provide you with more information about everything there is to experience in the surrounding area.

Public transportation in Luxembourg is free!

Since public transportation is free throughout the country of Luxembourg, you can travel from point A to B at no cost. This is handy to know because Camping Südeifel is very close to Luxembourg. This way, you can take an affordable city trip to Luxembourg City, for example.



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