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We provide a carefree holiday

Camping, we love it and we know exactly what you need to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Our luxury tents are fully equipped for you. Just like our employees, who love nothing more than to give you a great holiday!

Country Camp is a Dutch company that has been renting out furnished tents for more than 21 years.

We rent out these furnished tents at campsites that we think are special and where we would like to go on holiday ourselves. We are therefore not the owner of all these campsites.

At some campsites you will be received by our (Dutch Country Camp) employees. These service employees are the point of contact during your holiday. And you can contact them with questions about the environment, about the tent, etc. Are there no Country Camp service employees appointed at “your” campsite? If so, the employees of the campsite are happy to be at your service.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us. By telephone: 0031-5011515 Our employees speak Dutch, English and limited German. We do not master the Spanish and French language. In order to communicate in Spanish or French, we advise you to send an email. With the help of Goolgle translate, the employees who speak other languages ​​will then answer.


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